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My God! What a night! You`ve never been through such a storm in your life. Your ship was skittering like a leaf over 20 metre waves. Like nature`s plaything. But the Good Lord spared you and nine other men from your crew. The rest didn`t make it. Now you find yourself stranded on a sand bank off the coast of a small island. One of thousands of little islands: the Islas de la Muerte. But as it turns out, it`s a good place for a settlement. Start your own settlement, produce goods and build a powerful pirate fleet. Sail through the Caribbean and build a reputation as a fearsome pirate in countless sea battles. Live the adventure of your life!


14.06.2010 11:34

Pirates of Tortuga 2

Welcome to Pirates of Tortuga 2!

Great adventures await you here! If you have questions about the game or
do not know how to proceed, take a look in the help menu.

Thank a lot and have fun.

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